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Physics Services Support Group

The Physics Services Support (PSS) group supports the LHC experiments' computing systems during commissioning and exploitation in the framework of  the LCG project. The activities encompass the preparation, the deployment and the support of infrastructure services as well as components belonging to the experiment frameworks.

The group consists of two sections, Database Services for Physics (DP) and Experiment Integration and Distributed Analysis (ED).

The Physics Database Services activity provides Oracle-based services to the Physics community at CERN  deployed on 2-node Oracle 10g Real  Application Clusters (RAC). The Physics Database Services team provides

  • resource allocation to the experiments,

  • DBA service for the physics community, supporting the LHC Computing Grid services (such as the LCG file catalog LFC or the gLite file transfer FTS) and the services for the POOL and COOL projects,

  • on-call service providing 24/7 database support for the physics community.

The LCG database projects  include applications related to detector construction, book-keeping,  event-level metadata as well as developing physics database applications and providing optimization consultancy. In particular

  • co-ordinating the LCG 3D project (Distributed Deployment of Databases for LCG) which as a  joint project between IT, experiments, grid projects and LCG sites  defining and implementing a distributed database service across LCG Tier-0, Tier-1 and  Tier-2 sites,

  • leading the LCG persistency framework projects (POOL and/or COOL ) as baseline solutions for three LHC experiments as joint projects with the experiments within the LCG Application Area. This activity also includes developments for distributed deployment of these packages as part of the 3D project.

The close relationship between these activities (local and distributed service implementation and provision of the LCG common software) ensures a tight integration of software and service.

The Experiment Integration and Distributed Analysis section provides direct support to all LHC experiments (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb). The section contains the activities of the LCG/EIS team and LCG/ARDA project and the EGEE NA4 (Applications Identification and Support). The ED section is one of a major contributor in the LCG/EGEE experiments task forces. Main line of activities are

  • contribution in the testing, sustainable evolution, customization and support of the current middleware deployed on the EGEE infrastructure and being developed for EGEE/LCG including significant contributions to the gLite middleware such as the ARDA Metadata Grid Application (AMGA),
  • collaboration and support of large-scale resources usage (data challenges and production activities) and supporting users (user guide and tutorials),
  • provision of support in porting and optimizing applications to the grid environment,
  • direct contribution to the development and delivery of the experiment systems for distributed computing (high-level experiment specific services) such as GANGA (ATLAS and LHCb), CRAB and Dashboard (CMS), and the C-Acces library and xrootd (ALICE).

The projects of the PSS group are supported in part by the EGEE project, partners of the WLCG collaboration and industrial partners of the CERN openlab. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of EGEE, some small effort is devoted to liaise with other communities such as Biomed and GEANT4 .

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